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pointh.exe – pointh – point.h

pointh.exe is a process that is registered in our malware database as point.h. point.h is a Remote Administration Tool. Software for controlling user computer remotely from other computer on local network or Internet. To determine whether this file is a real threat or not, please run a malware scan.


Deactivate and eliminate pointh.exe immediately. This process is commonly identified as a spyware, virus or trojan.

To remove point.h Remote Administration Tool from your PC please follow these steps:

1, Download Spy Emergency AntiSpyware and AntiVirus by clicking on Download button bellow.
Free AntiSpyware AntiVirus Download

2, Install it and press Start button to start malware scan.
3, When the scan is finished, press the Next button and Remove button to clean point.h Remote Administration Tool from your system.

Spyware / Malware Description:


Type: Remote Administration Tool
Type Description: Software for controlling user computer remotely from other computer on local network or Internet.
File names: pointh.exe

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